About us

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Welcome to Medicess! We are  the only Independent and Doctor-led rehabilitation provider in the UK, specialising in multi-track, complex Personal Injuries. 

We are nationally based, offering excellent patient care across the UK. All the rehabilitation provided is distributed through our excellent Multidisciplinary Team of Rehabilitation Managers – Meet our Team here.

Our innovative approach offers a variety of services to benefit patients, solicitors and insurers. Included within this, is our flexible funding options to benefit all involved. Patients need rehabilitation to improve their well-being, both physically and mentally. The faster this begins, the better the outcome. We aim to start rehabilitation as soon as possible with our free rehabilitation review, helping our patients heal and our clients continue the legal process with ease. 

We work with solicitors, insurers, councils etc, to rebuild patients back to their lives before the accidents as best as possible.

Our goals and beliefs:

  • Excellent rehabilitation that’s delivered quickly. It’s imperative in making a difference in the patients’ recovery in thousands of cases.
  • Dedication for clinical excellence. We source and instruct qualified and experienced clinicians to deliver rehab. These clinicians remain under the management of our Rehabilitation Managers, all of whom are employed by Medicess.
  • Regulated clinicians under the GMC, NMC and HCPC. This guarantees complete clinical governance. We are duty-bound to act with professionalism, ethical integrity and within our individual scopes of practice.
  • Offering high-quality experience to all our clients. We regularly communicate with all parties, keeping everyone up to date on the rehabilitation process.
  • Remaining objective and cost-effective. We complete rehabilitation on clinical needs only. All recommendations are necessary and specific to each individual case.
  • Adherence to the Rehabilitation Code 2015.

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