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Remote Services Need

Remote services are now a permanent service.

All industries were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and the rehabilitation market was no exception. 

Two of the most worrying effects are :

In response, we are pleased to announce that we’ve adapted our services to manage cases and deliver care and treatment remotely. 

A referral to us will deliver the best possible care to the injured party and help move the case forwards whilst the medico-legal aspects of the case falter.

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The Remote Process

  1. We will only provide remote rehabilitation if it’s the most appropriate method of rehabilitation. 

So what can you expect when doing remote rehabilitation?

  • FREE Rehabilitation Review – we will clinically review and discuss the case with you to agree a plan.
  • Rehabilitation Funding – we will liaise with all parties to agree and secure funding.
  • COVID Risk Assessment – we will assess the patient’s environment and identify the most effective way to engage with them.
  • Treatment Delivery – we will deliver the best possible treatment program with a combination of remote therapies and referrals. We will have plans for face-to-face treatment should the need for remote rehabilitation change.

Referring Cases

We recommend that our clients refer all multi-track cases with an accident date of 6 months or less and any case where the injured party has not recovered or is still recovering from their injuries.

We believe that every multi-track case should be clinically assessed to identify the likely rehabilitation needs of the injured party, so much so that we do this for FREE.

In these difficult times you have nothing to lose in referring cases, even if you think the Injured party might not have need rehabilitation.

Refer now and you’ll receive a FREE Rehabilitation Review with no obligations.
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