Our patients 2- Amputation

amputation testimonial

Accident: Work place incident. 

 Injuries sustained:

  • Severe right-hand injury, involving amputation of the right thump tip, middle and index fingers at knuckle joints.
  • Psychological symptoms.

Injury date: October 2017

 Medicess’ involvement:

  • Completion of INA (Initial Needs Assessment) and subsequently obtained medical records to confirm treatment history. We then arranged psychological, occupational and physiotherapy to take place, as well as a driving assessment to facilitate a return to driving (imperative for a return to work to be achieved).
  • The patient can now drive and has returned to part-time work. Medicess continually provided support to ensure return to work was safe and sustainable and they hope to return full-time in due course.

Our Rehabilitation Manager says:

Considering the severity of injuries, I am delighted with the patient’s progress. They have physically improved by adapting some right-hand functions and psychological symptoms have improved significantly since the completion of psychological therapy.”

Our patients view:

I have found that Medicess’ involvement has been invaluable, I don’t know where I would be without them.”

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