Our patients 3- Orthopaedic

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Accident: Bus collision

Injuries sustained

  • Right ankle fractures
  • Left foot fractures,
  • Left sided facial fractures and left eye lid haematoma.
  • Patient was in hospital for 2.5 weeks. NHS services provided occupational therapy, physiotherapy and clinic reviews but provided only minimal support once discharged.

Injury date: June 2018

Medicess Involvement:

The patient had Down Syndrome and had strong family connections and support.

  • Completion of INA (Initial Needs Assessment) and subsequently obtained medical records to confirm treatment history). We then found an independent Physiotherapist who was open to treating patients with learning disabilities. They were notified that they would need to explain things with clarity and ease. Only four sessions were needed to achieve resolution of symptoms.
  • The Physiotherapist identified specific goals such as being able to access public transport and ascend/descend stairs independently.
  • We successfully supported the patient to enable a return to their volunteer role at a local charity shop and was able to perform all activities pre-injury as normal.

Our Rehabilitation Manager says:

 “A great family to work with, we maintained contact with the patient and their family throughout the rehabilitation process, offering support through this and the litigation process.” 

Our patient says:

“Very thankful for Medicess support, it was originally very frustrating being given minimal support before Medicess got involved.”

“My only wish is that we had been put into touch with Medicess earlier.”

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