Our patients 1- Psychological

testminial psychological trauma

Accident: Machinery at work.

Injuries sustained:

  • Overall: orthopaedic and psychological
  • A crush injury to their right ankle. Specifically, right fibula and talar fractures.
  • Psychological symptoms.

Injury date: September 2013.

Medicess’ involvement: 

  • Completion of INA (Initial Needs Assessment) and subsequently obtained medical records to confirm treatment history. We then arranged physiotherapy, provision of specialised footwear, counselling, liaison with employer and functional performance assessments.
  • Attended NHS appointments with the patient to act as their advocate.
  • Sought after private Orthopaedic Consultation, subsequent surgery and follow up appointments.
  • Patient needed private domestic care and household assistance which we arranged.

Our Rehabilitation Manager says:

This patient was a pleasure to work with throughout the case. I also took this case over from a previous Rehabilitation Manager which is not always an easy thing to do. ”

Our patient says:

“The compassion and thoughtfulness that I received from my Rehabilitation Manager was indescribable.  I was hopelessly lost and inadequate during the early times. I was delighted to find I could have banter with Jill during this time and many a phone call took place.  I shan’t ever forget the service.”

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