Our innovative rehabilitation services

We provide a suite of rehabilitation services to ensure fast, effective rehabilitation.
We believe that every case should be clinically assessed to identify the likely rehabilitation needs of the injured party, so much so, that we do this for free.

First-class rehabilitation services for complex injuries

Our first-class rehabilitation services can be implemented at any point during the litigation process, ensuring a successful resolution for all involved. It is a proven clinical fact that the earlier a patient receives rehabilitation, the faster they then recover and the less rehabilitation they will need. This is incredibly beneficial for everyone involved.

Medicess recommends that our clients refer to us all complex cases with an accident date of 6 months or less, and any case where the injured party has not recovered or is still recovering from their injuries.

One stop rehabilitation services

Our service is simple and cost effective whilst delivering excellent rehabilitation to the patient:

If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact one of our team today.

Multidisciplinary case management

Medicess are dedicated to delivering clinical and rehabilitative excellence.

We do not believe that any single case manager is qualified to manage a patient’s rehabilitation when the patient has needs across more than one clinical discipline. We manage through multidisciplinary teams from various clinical disciplines tailored to the needs of the patient and all overseen by a GMC registered doctor.

Every patient’s case that is referred to us is therefore clinically reviewed in order to establish an appropriate clinical team tailored to their clinical needs. It is this team, together with the doctor, that manages that patient’s case moving forwards. Every case has a rehabilitation manager as a central contact point who with their administrator will manage the day-to-day activity of the case.

It is this superior clinical skill set that Medicess deploys on every case that delivers faster and better patient outcomes than a single case manager doing the same job.

The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) only recommend Multidisciplinary Management as being clinically effective in the management of complex injuries. 

Download NICE Guidelines

See section 1.2 Multidisciplinary team rehabilitation needs assessment.

Free rehabilitation review

Our doctors will review every case referred to us with no obligation. This provides a written, clinical overview of the case, including our recommendations and the justifications for rehabilitation and likely costs. This can be completed pre-liability and will always have no strings attached.

Our full range of rehabilitation services

Doctor led, multidisciplinary case management:

Delivering clinical excellence. Our rehabilitation plans are implemented and progressed by our in-house clinical multidisciplinary teams. All rehabilitation recommendations are overseen by a doctor and all recommendations are specific to the patient and their case. No two cases are the same. A quarterly written review shared with all clients until rehabilitation is complete.

Initial needs assessment (INA):

Both face-to-face or remotely via video or telephone call. An INA assesses a patient’s immediate physical, psychological, environmental and vocational needs, providing a fully-costed rehabilitation plan.

Free clinical case screening:

Identifying patient rehabilitation needs

Free case surgeries:

On-site clinical surgeries to discuss cases

Vocational programmes:

Securing new employment for patients

Return to work (RTW) programmes:

Returning patients to their existing employment

Free funding mediation:

Effective at securing rehabilitation funding to ensure fast and early rehabilitation; even ahead of a liability decision

Statute Regulated Service

Statute regulated service through the GMC, NMC and HCPC. MDT Management means that all of our professionals work within their specialty only and as such Medicess retains statute regulation.

Why Medicess?

Doctor led MDT multidisciplinary care is the clinical gold standard for managing trauma

Doctor led MDT multidisciplinary is the only approach to case management recognised and recommended by NICE as being clinically effective

Medicess strictly adhere to the Rehabilitation Code 2015 and follow the NICE Guidelines