Multidisciplinary rehabilitation case management

Rebuilding lives. Creating futures. 


We are the leading nationwide multidisciplinary case management provider

Medicess are both independent and manage cases through Doctor-led multidisciplinary management teams tailored to the needs of patients. Doctor-led multidisciplinary case management is clinically proven to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients.

Our rehabilitation case managers go the extra mile

Free rehabilitation review

Our Doctor will review every case referred to us with no obligation. This provides a written, clinical overview of the case, including our recommendations and the justifications for rehabilitation and estimated costs. This can be completed pre-liability and will always have no strings attached.

Intermediate track rehabilitation service

Our new cost-effective rehabilitation service is a solution that has been developed to provide market leading rehabilitation for patients whose cases are being managed through the new Intermediate Track. The service benefits patients, claimant solicitors and defendants alike.

We make a real difference

Doctor-led, multidisciplinary rehabilitation case management

Our multidisciplinary clinical teams manage every case, ensuring optimum outcomes for your clients and cases.

Medically robust

We’re regulated through GMC and HCPC.

Independent and dedicated to clinical excellence

We have no affiliations to third parties - we work for you. This has been recognised by several industry awards bodies.