Patient Stories: Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

orthopaedic rehabilitation case


Motorcycle collision


  • Fractured right lower tibia

Medicess involvement - orthopaedic rehabilitation

  • Completion of INA (Initial Needs Assessment), resulting in the rehabilitation case managers recommendations of physiotherapy for lower limb orthopaedic rehabilitation, CBT sessions and any ongoing considerations around mental and physical well-being regarding home life and leisure time. 
  • During rehabilitation, the rehabilitation case manager requested that a further case review was needed. This excellent, clinical judgement identified that further pain was beginning. Resulting in the rehabilitation case manager recommending an Orthopaedic Consultation to ascertain removal of tibia screws.
  • The rehabilitation case manager successfully sourced NHS prices and private facilities for the necessary surgery to be provided in a timely manner.
  • Successful mental health recovery was enabled for the patient at home and at work. Continual successful communication, liaison and support with the patient’s employer, facilitated a smooth transition back to the workplace.

Our rehabilitation case manager says:

“The patient was completely transparent with me, saying they appreciated my ethical and professional nature during this time.

Though it was initially a straightforward case it became more complex down the line. I communicated with all parties, constantly explaining the process, benefits and various opinions on rehabilitation. Including the most cost-effective options coinciding with the patient’s recovery.”

Our patient's view - orthopaedic rehabilitation:

“I found Medicess’ professionalism, accuracy and clarity very good throughout the process.
For me, the most important point to mention is the care for me as the patient from Medicess and not the claim - absolutely first class.”

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